Sodalite properties: here's what they are and how to exploit them

Sodalite properties: here's what they are and how to exploit them

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Since ancient times the sodalite it has been known as the "stone of the creatives". The reason is simple: artists, singers, painters and sculptors used it frequently, as they felt it was able to encourage inspiration and creativity, while providing "psychic protective shielding" from other artists who might be intent to steal those ideas and inspirations.

Believe it or not, the properties of sodalite they seem to encourage inner peace and calm people who are characterized by a "hot" temperament by chilling hot spirits. However, sodalite must be used regularly and abundantly in order to get the best results. One should therefore carry or wear the sodalite stone, as well as place it in every room of the house, so that its peaceful properties can flow and travel regularly around one's reference environment.

What is sodalite

There sodalite gets its name from the content of sodium which is found within this mineral.

It is found in many shades of blue, and only blue; shares many qualities of the lapis lazuli stone and is therefore often mistaken for it.

One of the simplest ways to tell the difference is sodalite it rarely contains grains of pyrite which are present in lapis lazuli, giving this stone its known splendor. However, sodalite generally contains white streaks of calcite, and scientifically, sodalite also has a lower specific weight than lapis lazuli.

That said, we recall how the largest sodalite stone deposits are found in Brazil. However, deposits have also been discovered in Russia, Greenland, Romania, France, India, Myanmar, Namibia, Canada and the United States.

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Metaphysical properties of sodalite

It is said that the sodalite is able to harmonize one's inner being and balance the conscious with the subconscious. It is also said to be very useful for group work, as it stimulates the creative thinking that leads to a brainstorming productive and problem solving.

Sodalite, it is said, is one stone of truth, which brings sincerity into relationships, and allows you to effectively communicate your truth to the world. It will help put an end to disagreements and arguments, especially when these differences are due to miscommunication, or when communication becomes a problem between people.

It is also particularly useful for the honesty of emotions in communication, to increase intelligence, knowledge and learning, as it unites logical and spiritual minds. Intuition opens perception by bringing information from the higher mind to the earthly / physical level, offering the opportunity to log into to the sacred laws universal.

Healing properties of sodalite

Used for reduce high blood pressure when the stone is regularly brought into contact, as well as being useful in hypertension when a sodalite necklace is worn low enough to reach the heart center, there are numerous curative properties for the "followers" of this philosophy (we always recommend to talk to your doctor, the only specialist who can support you in creating a therapeutic cycle consistent with your needs).

According to some, sodalite would also have calming effects on the thyroid, nervous system and all glandular functions. Sodalite strengthens the metabolism, reducing stress and prolonging physical endurance.

To fully benefit from the energy of Sodalite, it is always advisable to wear it or carry it as a contact stone for a long period of time. Finally, it is also useful for calcium deficiencies, to strengthen the immune system, to fight insomnia. It can cure the throat, larynx, vocal cords and hoarseness. A sodalite elixir consumed daily is effective against diabetes.

But be careful: remember that there are no medical studies that can support these beliefs which, therefore, for the moment remain only beliefs. Talk to your doctor to find out more.

Magical properties of sodalite

Sodalite is a stone that captures energy. It has water as its element, its planet is Jupiter, its Indian divinity is Ardhanarishvara, the powers are creativity and meditation.

Excellent for psychic development and meditation, while other stones are known to simply open the inner door of the universal psychic plane, sometimes overwhelming one's psyche, sodalite should instead be able to open this door gently, allowing one to accept and absorb. knowledge without being overwhelmed by it, and thus allowing you to start working with new information and new skills more easily than if they suddenly appeared.

If used regularly, sodalite must be "drained" under running hot water every week, or if it becomes cloudy or changes color in some way. Then, it must be "recharged" in a container of water together with the crystal quartz.

Properties of the Chakras

Sodalite is associated with the 5th, Throat Chakra, and with the 6th, Third Eye and Eyebrow Chakra which open intuition and higher knowledge. Sodalite can strongly influence the attitudes concerning oneself; it is one of the best stones that specifically opens the Third Eye and carries within itself the inner psychic sight and intuitive knowledge; it helps to find one's "true self".

You can learn more about the characteristics of sodalite on books and specialized websites on these issues. Instead, we advise against relying on the properties of sodalite to treat ailments and other ailments: talk to your doctor instead!



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