Muscle electrostimulator: how it works and opinions

Muscle electrostimulator: how it works and opinions

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In this article you will find out what is a muscle electrostimulator, what is it for, how it works and many other important information to reap the maximum benefits from its use.

Meaning of a muscle electrostimulator

A muscle electrostimulator it's a device capable of stimulating muscle contractions thanks to electrical impulses of programmed intensity and duration.

The electrical impulses are transmitted to the body through appropriately positioned electrodes that generate an electric field that causes the contraction of the muscle located near the electrodes.

What is a muscle electrostimulator used for and how it works

L'electrostimulator can be used to achieve different goals to foster the well-being of the person.

In sports it can be used as an athletic training tool or as an aid to muscle recovery. Physiotherapists have been using it successfully since the 1970s in physiotherapy rehabilitation programs with anti-inflammatory purposes and to stimulate the patient's muscle recovery.

A training program which uses a muscle electrostimulator correctly to improve the power of muscle fibers, while protecting the muscle-tendon system.

In more recent times, electrostimulators are also used in the aesthetic sector, for assist in diets aimed at weight loss and lymphatic drainage treatments.

Position of electro-stimulator electrodes

Positioning the electrodes correctly is an absolutely fundamental operation to obtain the expected benefits. For this reason, the electrodes must be placed by a massage therapist, a physiotherapist or a physiatrist or alternatively they can be positioned directly by the patient as long as they follow the appropriate instruction manual supplied with the electrostimulator.

On the Internet it is possible to find numerous guides in .pdf or video tutorials but since the functions and settings change according to the model of muscle electrostimulator purchased, it is advisable to exclusively follow the instructions given in the specific instruction manual of the product purchased.

Pulse intensity in muscle electrostimulators

In addition to the position of the electrodes it is essential to set the pulse intensity correctly, not only based on the type of training you want to follow but also based on your physical characteristics and in particular on your percentage of fat mass present in the area to be treated.

If the adipose layer above the muscle is particularly consistent, it may be necessary to increase the level of delivery of the electrical impulse to achieve optimal results.

Opinions on muscle electrostimulators

L'efficacy of muscle electrostimulators is universally recognized provided that you consider them as an additional tool to optimize your training or to complete your rehabilitation program or for slimming purposes.

Thinking of developing significant volumes of muscle mass or losing tens of kilos of weight exclusively using a muscle electrostimulator would instead be completely senseless.

Contraindications of muscle electrostimulators

The use of muscle electrostimulators correctly has no contraindications in healthy subjects.

The only side effect found is a possible redness of the skin in the most sensitive subjects and especially following a localized and prolonged treatment.

However, pacemaker wearers, patients with cancer and patients suffering from epilepsy, as well as pregnant women, should not use electrostimulators.

Electrostimulators must also be used with caution in the case of subjects with capillary fragility or in correspondence with wounds not yet healed.

TENS and EMS devices: differences and uses

The acronym TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator which in Italian translates as “transcutaneous electrical stimulator of the nerves”. There TENS therapy it is performed using a muscle stimulator consisting of a current generator, adjustable both in terms of intensity and frequency and electrodes to be placed on the parts of the patient's body to be treated.

THE TENS devices they are used in pain therapy, to relieve muscle pain, especially in the back and lower limbs, arthritis and menstrual pain.

The acronym EMS stands for Electrical muscle stimulation which in Italian translates as muscle electrostimulation. The EMS massage it is performed using a muscle electrostimulator that sends light low voltage electrical impulses to the muscle to be treated with the aim of causing it to contract.

In relation to the settings the EMS massage it can have different purposes: to strengthen the muscle without involving the nervous system or to reduce the inflammation of a muscle (for example after a very intense workout).

The professional TENS and EMS STIM-PRO X9 + electrostimulator

Best muscle electrostimulator for value for money

On the Internet you will find many muscle electrostimulators but our advice is to inquire thoroughly before choosing the model and above all to be wary of products with prices much lower than the market average.

Among the leading companies in the production and sale of TENS and EMS electrostimulators, we recommend axion, a certified German company.

All of their products are CE certified medical devices that are thoroughly tested and safe. Among the best if not the best for quality / price ratio.

In particular theTENS and EMS STIM-PRO X9 + electrostimulator which can be used effectively for both TENS therapies and EMS massage.

This professional electrostimulator it has been designed to ensure effective use even for people without medical and physiotherapy training, thanks to 37 programs and 8 individually adjustable modes.

Another interesting setting allows you to save time with the simultaneous use of up to 8 electrodes on four channels.

Other features of this product include the timer that can be set with a variable period between 1 and 60 minutes and the large display (6.2 x 4.2 cm).

On this page of the official Axion website, you will find more information on the TENS and EMS STIM-PRO X9 + electrostimulator and other devices.

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