Flours for pizza, which are the best

Flours for pizza, which are the best

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Flour for pizza, here are the best ones. Tips for obtaining a perfect dough.

Each flour has its own characteristics. Choosing the flour for the pizza can be a very fun task because it will lead you to experiment with mixes or types of flourspecial. Do not worry, in this article we will try to accompany you on the journey to discovermore suitable flours for pizza.

Flour for pizza, which one to use

Thereflourused for a pizza must contain a good dose of protein in order to allow a good leavening. The percentage of protein should be at least 11%. When making your choice, when you are at the supermarket, take a look at the nutritional values ​​of the flour you are interested in, check the amount of protein. You will notice that the so-calledprofessional floursorflour for pizzathey have a protein content of around 13%. This data was born only to give you a product that is easy to work with and that can provide good leavening.

For this principle, in commerce we find flour for pizza added with gluten (this is the case of Molino Spadoni pizza flour for pizza, with a percentage that fluctuates between 12 - 13% of proteins).

Those who want to sacrifice workability a little, can choose flours with a protein percentage higher than 13%. This is the case ofAmerican Manitoba Flourselected byMolino Spadoni. Being less workable, however, it is more suitable for dough for bread than for pizza (where it is necessary to roll out).

The flours mentioned are easily found in the supermarket and also on Amazon:

  • Flour 00Molino Spadoni, for pizza
    Note: 12.5% ​​protein - price. 2.49 euros
  • Flour 0 Molino spadoni, American flour
    Note: 13.5% protein - price for Amazon Prime customers 0.85 euros with free shipping

I have mentioned some products on the market but, of course, you are free to buy the flour you want, after checking the amount of protein per 100 grams of product.

So that's it? This is the best flour for pizza?
Yes, for many it is like this… you just need to buy the right flour without any further effort. But what became of the authenticity of the wheat? We use a flour rich in gluten to obtain a product that is well leavened, soft and worthy of a professional pizza chef... however we sacrifice the authenticity of the main ingredient of Pizza: flour.

Best pizza flour

It is true, in pizzerias there is a tendency to use 00 flour. Many people, by professional pizza flour, mean precisely that added with gluten or in any case with a high percentage of protein so as to offer a well-leavened product.

So is this the best pizza flour?
It depends on what you are looking for. For me it is not at all.

In the articlehow to make flour at homeI explained to you how the quality of 00 flours has gradually decreased in recent years. We end up with flours rich in starch, with a fair amount of protein butvery poor in terms of micronutrients. Wheat is a vegetable ... is it possible that it is so poor in vitamins and minerals? It is because over the years the most productive hybrids have been selected at the expense of quality and flavor.

Ideally, if you want onePizzaauthentic, worthy of the namegourmetwhich today is so fashionable, you should find an ancient wheat flour. What does it mean? That you should track down a small local producer who still grows traditional wheat varieties. Small farmers, in fact, are not interested in obtaining high volumes of product, so they continue to cultivate the oldest varieties for generations.

Gluten-free flour for pizza

Those looking for gluten-free flour undoubtedly have less choice. In this case it is better to rely on the blends on the market that offer a suitable mix for leavening while being gluten-free.

In reality, there are many gluten-free flours but those suitable for pizza dough must be made with careful mixing.

In this context, I invite you to check the commercial proposals of gluten-free flours for pizza and bread. For all information you can visitThis Page.

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