How much is an Internet site worth

How much is an Internet site worth

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Make a well-made estimate of how much is an Internet site worth it is not an immediate job and requires careful consideration of multiple aspects. On the net there are various automated and often free tools to evaluate the parameters related to the internet domain, domain authority and link authority but obviously the value of an internet site cannot be separated from an evaluation carried out by an expert and competent person of all the elements that are "behind the site"And cannot be evaluated by automated tools.

In this article I will try to provide some useful ideas to identify the most important elements that contribute to a correct enhancement of an Internet site.

How much is an Internet site worth: indicators obtainable from automated tools

As I mentioned above, there are numerous sites on the net that offer an automated service thanks to which an estimate of the value of a website is obtained in a few seconds in relation to a series of detectable indicators without the need to obtain any authorization or additional information from the site owner.

THE main indicators used by these tools collect the following information:

  • domain seniority
  • domain authority
  • home page authority
  • link popularity
  • estimated organic traffic (visits) based on the keywords positioned
  • estimate of page views generated
  • presence of the domain in historical directories (for example DMOZ)
  • number of Facebook fans of the page connected to the website
  • number of shares on Facebook
  • distribution of traffic sources between organic, direct and social
  • number of domains configured on the same IP address as the website to be evaluated
  • number of documents / articles on the website indexed by Google

The data collected by all these indicators can offer ancompletely approximate indication of the value of an Internet site, useful only as a basis for evaluating small-sized websites, of an editorial nature and with a monetization model based exclusively on web advertising.

Another criterion often used for a maximum enhancement of small and medium-sized publishing sites is to assign the value of 0.5 Euro for each single monthly user.

A website with 1 million unique monthly users could thus be worth 500,000 euros.

However, I repeat that these are gross simplifications that can lead to misleading and often too optimistic estimates.

How much is an Internet site worth: the collection of information for a more reliable estimate

Proper enhancement of an Internet site, on the other hand, cannot ignore a serious and in-depth collection of information that allows us to go beyond the value of traffic and users.

In case the website you want to estimate the value of is owned by a limited liability company, as often happens for medium-sized sites, my advice is to start with the analysis oflast balance sheet filed and therefore publicly available in electronic format with an investment of a few Euros.

The balance it is in fact the tool that allows you to evaluate important elements, including:

  • profitability of the website in the last year and compared to the previous year
  • type of sources of income
  • investments and liabilities
  • number of employees
  • funding sources
  • corporate structure
  • Bylaws

How much is an Internet site worth: competitor analysis

A good analysis of the value of a website must also include the collection of information on competitor websites It is on reference market.

An extremely “competitive” market sector on the web like that of do you travelit could indicate possible difficulties in any growth path that could only become possible with major investments and with more extended times.

A website that is well positioned in a market niche with good growth potential could, on the contrary, have a much more attractive value.

Competitor analysis can be carried out using software such as SemRush or SeoZoom but once again we cannot forget to analyze the latest financial statements.

How much is a website worth: the business model

Another relevant element for estimating the value of an Internet site is identifying the business model and the main sources of revenue and then analyzing its growth potential and competitive advantages over competing sites.

There most editorial websites have like primary source of revenue there advertising revenue but the success stories of the websites they generate are starting to be more and more frequent in Italy substantial revenues from e-Commerce: direct sales or affiliation with relevant e-Commerce sites, first of all, Amazon.

Evaluation of a website: existing contracts

THE contracts stipulated by the owner of the website that we wish to evaluate are another important element in the analysis process. It is not always easy to retrieve information on contracts and commercial agreements but simply by looking at the code or through free software it is possible for example to identify the advertising networks that are buying impressions on any website.

The contractual elements are often closely linked with the "technicians”Of a website: one of the most important values ​​for a website are for example i incoming links from other authoritative sites in the same reference sector (even better if in "follow" mode, another technicality). What certainty can we have that those links will remain even after our eventual purchase? Can the current owner provide us with any contractual guarantees in this regard?

These are important questions that we must certainly ask ourselves when analyzing the value of a website.

Evaluation of the domain of an Internet site

The domain is obviously a strategic asset that we must carefully evaluate, also going to search for it historical that distinguishes it.

A domain registered for many years it will have a higher value but we must make sure that in the past the same domain has not hosted poor quality (or copied!) content or even contrary to the law (an unlicensed betting site is enough to fall into this category).

The "ideal domain", in addition to being registered for years and in addition to having a "positive history" in terms of links and citations, should be linked to a authoritative brand, even better if a registered and recognizable trademark.

THE incoming links from sites with high domain authority however, they remain one of the most important factors in determining the value of a domain as they are directly correlated with a potential good ranking in Google search results and therefore with a good volume of "natural traffic".

Evaluation of a website: the point of view of the seller and the buyer

Estimating the value of a website should be based on metrics as much as possible objective and incontrovertible. Nonetheless, different points of view may remain so in general the owner risks widely overestimating the value of his site, also due to the frequent existence of a "sentimental value”Which alters the perception of real value.

The current owner will tend to think of a lot of work, often attributing a value higher than the "market price" and neglecting the fact that the possible buyer is only interested in the present and future value that can derive from past work and not "the size of the same work performed in the past ”.

Evaluation of an Internet site: the value of experience

My advice in case you want to evaluate the value of your website or a website you intend to buy is in any case to refer to a person with proven experience, not only in web scope but also in the field of budget analysis and in transactions for the acquisition / sale of websites.

Experience also makes it possible to speed up the estimate, making the best use of the tools, correctly interpreting the data and identifying critical elements that would seem completely irrelevant to an unaccustomed person in the evaluation.

In my personal case, for example, after having graduated in Economics and Commerce with full marks, with a thesis entitled "Organizational changes following acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures", and having learned all the theoretical notions of balance sheet analysis, to mature the necessary experience, the next 21 years spent in the web marketing field were fundamental, first in large companies (IBM, Infostrada, Wind /, Telecom Italia / Matrix / and then in the companies I am managing ( IdeeGreen Srl and Ledif Srl), totally based on web activities.

At IBM I learned a programming in HTML, in and ad analyze the market, the dynamics of advertising revenues and the many websites that offered themselves for more or less improbable partnerships, sometimes valued as “phantom billions” by the top management (whom I tried to dissuade) but then failed miserably.

The top management of a large company (beyond the cases of possible "favoritism" in which I prefer not to enter into the merits ...) often overestimates the value of surrounding elements, underestimating instead the "substance of the product" which is instead appreciated by those who have acquired “experience in the field” and not only at a managerial level.

In the management of the IdeeGreen S.r.l. ( on which you are reading this same article) and Ledif S.r.l. (, sold to CondèNast in 2006,,,,, and I learned to deal with different markets and with different opportunities and difficulties, peculiar of each sector. The sector ofAutomotive, as you can imagine, has completely different peculiarities from that ofAstrology as well as the sector of Marketing and Finance totally differs from that of Do you travel.

Find out well before identifying the professional to whom to commission your consultancy, beware of the many "improvised consultants" without at least ten years of experience in the managerial and web fields and I am sure that you will be able to collect all the elements that will allow you to reach satisfactory evaluation.

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