Verdigris in agriculture

Verdigris in agriculture

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Verdigris in agriculture: composition and uses. What is verdigris, how is it used and what are its properties. How to make verdigris at home and plant diseases to be treated with this product.

With the termverdigriswe mean generically afungicidebased on copper, i.e. a cupric fungicide. Therecomposition of verdigris, therefore, it changes from time to time, based on the product used. Generally, inagriculture, the termverdigrisit is mainly used for the typical composition ofBordeaux mixture(light blue). Let's see all the details.

Verdigris, what is it

I just told you that theverdigrisis a copper-based fungicide that can have different compositions. Therecomposition of verdigrisin fact, it can change according to the starting molecular aggregates, but they all have a common denominator: they are copper-based.

The term verdigris can be used to indicate:

  • The Bordeaux mixture
  • Copper oxychlorides
  • Copper gluconate
  • Copper hydroxide

ThereBordeaux mixtureand theverdigrismost popular inagriculture. It can also be prepared at home by making a tamponade of thecopper sulphate. The copper sulphate, used pure, would burn the plant parts (leaves, twigs ...) and for this reason it is mixed with another compound with the typical color of verdigris(greenish blue).

Copper oxychlorides are hydrated combinations of cupric oxide and a chloride. Therecomposition of verdigrisin this case it is based oncupric chloride (tetrarameic oxychloride or copper and calcium oxychloride, when cupric oxide is combined with calcium chloride).

L'copper hydroxide, inagricultureis identified with the nameverdigris. Commercially it is sold stabilized with copper carbonate, thecolor of verdigris(copper hydroxide) is greenish.

As anticipated, copper gluconate is also classified asverdigris in agriculture. In this case, however, the uses do not concern the fight against fungal diseases. Copper gluconate is mainly used as a product added to foliar fertilizers.

Verdigris in agriculture

If you go to an agricultural consortium to buy someverdigris, theoretically they could give you both copper hydroxide and Bordeaux mixture. Both compounds have phytosanitary properties linked to the content ofcopper.

Copper interferes with the cellular respiration of fungi and is therefore considered a broad spectrum fungicide.

Theverdigris in agriculture, in all its compositions, it works by leaf contact and is effective not only against fungal diseases but also against certain bacteria.

It is used, for example, for the defense of the olive tree, against the peacock's eye and the olive tree mange. For vine treatments (in particular against downy mildew) and against other fungal diseases that can attack both garden and ornamental plants (for example, against scab). It is effective against the blister and the corineum of stone fruit and against the dryness and gummy of the citrus fruit collar. Always inagricultureit is used against alternariosis, septoria, anthracnose and cercospora.

Verderame, where to buy it

You can buy copper oxychloride, Bordeaux mixture or copper hydroxide.

You can buy it at any agricultural consortium, in garden centers or by taking advantage of the online purchase. At this Amazon address, for example, you can find verdigris based on copper oxychloride or Bordeaux mixture.

To save money, those who have to carry out large fungicide treatments can buy copper sulphate and produce theDIY verdigris.

Copper sulphate cannot be used pure on plants but is purchased from large farms to obtain large quantities of product with a single 1 kg bag.

For the purchase of theverdigrisor for the preparation ofDIY verdigris, I invite you to read the recommended guide in the following paragraph.

Homemade verdigris

The process of preparing theverdigris(Bordeaux mixture) is much simpler than you can imagine. For all information, I refer you to the guideHow to make Bordeaux mixture.

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