Above ground pools: tips

Above ground pools: tips

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The above ground pools they are proving to be the increasingly popular solution for those who want to cool off in the garden during the hottest periods of the year.

Above ground pools: what they are

As can be guessed from the name, the above ground pools they are pools that do not require any excavation as they are not buried or partially buried. They only require a level surface that can withstand the weight and can be assembled quickly and without the need for the intervention of a technician.

The advantages are many and in this article I will try to offer you some information to guide you in your choice, also suggesting a brand with which you can be on the safe side in terms of maximum product reliability and ease of use.

Buying a swimming pool of this type has some important ones advantages compared to an inground pool. Here are the main ones that I point out to you:

1) The purchase price is lower and i installation costs are zero

2) The above ground pools they do not require building permits and are not subject to taxes. Only models with wooden structures that require a concrete base are an exception.

3) The above ground pools they do not involve any excavation and in case you decide to move them or to allocate the space in which you want to allocate them to another use, they do not create any problems.

Above ground pools: the new San Marco models

In addition to the most renowned swimming pool brands, I was particularly impressed by the offer of the San Marco pools, in particular the top models Ischia, Capri and Panarea. These above ground pools have a number of advantages and features not found in the products of other competitors.

Here is a short review of the Ischia, Capri and Panarea pools of San Marco with the points of attention that emerged from my analysis:

  • San Marco pools are offered with a 5-year guarantee (fractionally decreasing, from 100% for the first year, to 70% for the second year, 40% for the third, 20% for the fourth and 10% for the fifth. ) while the products of other brands offer a guarantee for shorter periods. In my opinion, the duration of the warranty remains one of the most important points to testify the quality of the product and the commitment of the manufacturer to guarantee the customer in case of problems.
  • San Marco is an Italian company and on the official website the telephone number of the Customer Line is clearly visible, an index of transparency and the desire to make the manufacturer easily contactable for any eventuality.
  • San Marco above ground pools are shipped free of charge throughout Italy, including the major islands.
  • In San Marco pools, particular attention is paid to optimal water filtration, thanks to the latest generation Aqualoon filter element and the positioning of the outlets in two opposite corners, instead of on the same side, as done by the models of competing brands. The pipes comply with the French legislation regarding the minimum distance of the filtration kits from the tank: minimum 3 meters, the “most severe in Europe” legislation.
  • Each pool can be purchased with different configurations of accessories, in order to satisfy every need. The San Marco Ischia, Capri and Panarea above ground pools have 5 possible configurations (Basic, Medium, Silver, Gold and Titanium).
  • The San Marco above ground pools are particularly resistant to cold climates and even withstand temperatures of -15 ° while the products of other brands require disassembly below 8 ° or at most 5 ° centigrade.
  • The San Marco pools are presented with attention to every detail: for example, the ladder is blocked by special straps in order to increase safety and avoid annoying oscillations when entering and exiting the pool.

The Capri swimming pool

Dimensions and shapes of the above ground pools Ischia, Capri and Panarea San Marco

The dimensions and shapes of above ground pools can vary greatly and sometimes the photos can be misleading.

The San Marco Capri model pool has the following dimensions: 549 x 274 x 122 cm.

The San Marco Ischia model pool has the following dimensions: 732 x 366 x 132 cm.

The San Marco Panarea model pool has the following dimensions: 428x183x122

Ischia above ground swimming pool

San Marco pools: prices

THE prices of above ground pools of the models I have evaluated range from 690 Euros to 1,299 Euros, with the possibility of purchasing in installments.

I chose to do a review on the Ischia, Capri and Panarea San Marco pools because they represent an excellent alternative to the market proposals, for the solidity of the materials and for the great convenience of not having to disassemble them during the winter season.

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