Wood oven in the garden

Wood oven in the garden

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Things to consider before building a wood oven in the garden. The prices of outdoor wood ovens, how to use them and what you need to know before buying.

Awood oven in the gardenit can be everyone's dream: serving hot freshly baked bread, baking a pizza to perfection and making the most of the cooking chamber for lasagna, baked dishes or simply to keep food warm. In short, awood oven in the gardenbrings you back to mint the authentic flavors of the past giving you an inimitable taste.

In the peasant tradition it was considered a great classic today to have awood oven in the gardenit almost seems like an innovation, something original.

Prefabricated wood oven

To install aoven in the gardenyou can rely onprefabricated ovens in refractory material. When you buy a prefabricated wood ovenyou have to consider several factors.

Look at the oven opening, how big is it? Observe the space you have available inside the cooking chamber, how many pizzas can you put in it or how many loaves of bread can you cook simultaneously? The cooking chamber is the most important component of a wood oven.

If you buy a outdoor wood oven countertop, make sure you have a very stable masonry base in the garden. THE free-standing wood ovens, in refractory material, are a perfect compromise between quality and expense: they can be bought at lower prices than prefabricated wood ovens to assemble. In any case, for the transport and the simple installation (in case of countertop ones or assembly in case of ovens with base) I suggest you involve a couple of sturdy friends: the refractory material weighs!

Wood oven in steel / iron

Not only refractory material (reminiscent of the classic brick wood oven), you can also find on the marketoutdoor wood-burning ovens in steel, in this case they are almost always free-standing ovens or ovens that have a support base. Apparently they are described asiron wood ovensbut in reality it is a ferrous alloy, i.e. steel (iron and carbon) and the latest models can be fueled with wood orpellets.

Thesteel garden wood ovenit is certainly very practical, cheaper than a refractory oven: for the same price it is possible to buy a much larger pellet or wood-burning oven! Of course, the flavor of cooking with wood remains, but in appearance it loses a little that magic associated with traditional wood-burning masonry ovens.

Portable wood-burning oven

If you are thinking of building an oven in the garden, take into account that the structure must be placed in a position sheltered from the elements. If you have a canopy with a solid masonry base, you can buy a countertop oven made of refractory material or steel, however if you do not have any shelter in the garden, you must necessarily consider purchasing aportable wood oven, i.e. a wood-burning oven that you can move during periods of non-use. A portable wood stove is also very handy if you want to organize onepizza on the terrace!

Here too the market offers different models, in reality, if you have a very sturdy steel trolley you might think of buying a simple outdoor wood oven, to place it on the trolley and then move it. In this case, it is important that the trolley is made of stainless steel so that it can tolerate high temperatures (being in direct contact with the oven it will be exposed to very high thermal gradients).

Outdoor wood oven: prices and models

To get you an idea of ​​the prices, I would like to point out various models that you find on the market and which have been considered excellent by those who have had the opportunity to try them. I have selected models with the best value for money, obviously each manufacturer has their prices and standards and each customer their needs, so before buying awood oven for garden, carefully evaluate what you need and what you like ... For example, I said that a steel oven is “less magical”, but if you like it and you are a very practical person, no one will stop you from choosing one! ;)

To get started, I'll point out the portable wood oven Klarstein, which can be powered by both wood and charcoal, has a sealed cooking chamber that withstands the temperature well (over 300 ° C) but has the disadvantage of being able to cook two small pizzas at a time or only one large pizza. The cooking chamber, in fact, is not large. This oven can be bought on Amazon at a price of 299.69 euros with free shipping. Included in the price is the basis for cooking the pizza. For all product information, I refer you to the official Amazon page: Klarstein Perfect Pizzaiolo.

A prefabricated wood oven, in refractory material, without base (therefore to be supported and to be evaluated only if you have a pergola in the garden, in theory outdoor wood-burning ovens resist bad weather, however then it becomes more difficult to manage them both for the placement of the wood, both for cleaning) is bought for 449 euros (free shipping) but has a combustion chamber large enough to accommodate three pizzas. Also in this case, for all the information I invite you to visit the “Amazon product page“.

Whether to buy a wood oven for the garden it is easy, it is a little less easy to learn how to cook food to perfection. Learning to turn it on and use it to the fullest are things that will only come with practice.

Video: Build a pizza oven in 10 minutes. (June 2022).


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