Black rose: meaning

Black rose: meaning

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Let's examine themeaning of the black rose as an esoteric symbol, as a possible subject of a tattoo and in the language of flowers.

It is calledblack Roseor black velvet rose and is a flower not found in nature. In popular culture and also in some political spheres, theblack Roseis a symbol of anarchy.

Black Rose

Let's start with a botanical clarification: theblack Roseit does not exist in nature. There is no variety of pink black color. Those that are generally described asnatural black rosesthey are roses of very dark shades such as dark purple roses or very dark purple roses. If you find one on the marketblack Rose, know that it has been treated with black ink. How? The rose is placed in a vase containing an aqueous solution rich in black pigments that it absorbs.

Other black roses can be treated with a burning technique that darkens the petals (basically the petals of the black rose, in this case, are charred).

The so-called language of flowers (florigraphy) is a very ancient code in which each flower was associated with a meaning. There black Rose, not existing in nature, it has a much more modern meaning. The meaning of flowers, with florigraphy, it spread in the mid-nineteenth century and at the time the black rose was associated only with death and esotericism. More recently, the black rose has taken on different meanings and has been associated with anarchy as explained in the next paragraph. This is what it means to give a black rose.

Black rose: political significance

"Black Rose Books" is the name of the Montreal anarchist publisher, historically led by Dimitrios Roussopoulos, a communist / anarchist liberal. It is no coincidence that the name of this publisher (which later became the name of some anarchist bookstores also in Sydney) refers toblack Rose.

In Boston, in the 1970s, a periodical of anarchist ideology entitledThe Black Rose,The black rose. Thereblack Rosehas always been a symbol of anarchy and it is also today.

Anarchy is defined as "order without power", it is based on the ideal of an order based on the freedom and autonomy of individuals. Anarchy is opposed to any form of constituted power, including the forces of law and order or the state. For this reason, more generally, theblack Rosecan be seen assymbolof rebellion.

Black rose: popular symbol

Thereblack Roseis present in many TV series and in the past also in anime and cartoons. In this context, theblack Roseissymbolof mystery, darkness, danger… but also of emotions such as pain and torment.

In the TV series The Night World theblack Roseis the symbol of vampires. In the Dragonlance TV series, the black Roseit is the symbol of the Knights of Solamnia, an independent group that has betrayed the ideals of the original team. So it is clear that even in the TV series, theblack Roseassumes asymbolic meaningof rebellion and darkness.

In episode 18 of the second season of Ravenge, theblack rosesthey are used as a symbol of dying love. This meaning is closely associated with those found inlanguage of flowers.

In many TV series thereblack Roseis identified asdeath symbol.

Black rose: esoteric meaning

The black rose is also aesoteric symbol. This flower is associated with dark beauty, black magic and the bewitching charm of evil. The darkness that conquers the light. The darkness that reigns supreme.

Black rose: meaning of the flower

There pink it is the flower symbol of love (for more information, see the "pink: meaning" page). In language of flowers, theblack Rosehas been associated with obsessive love, the antithesis of the white rose.

If the White Rose is a symbol of chaste love, the Red rose is a symbol of love that wins over everything, the yellow rose is symbol of love read in its affective connotation (brotherly love / friendship) ... what the black rose means? In the language of flowers, the black rose is still associated with love, but with a tormented, obsessive and anything but pure love.

Give a black rose to the partner (or ex boyfriend) it can be a symbol of breakup, to indicate that love is now dead, at the end of the line.

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