Clownfish, price and reproduction

Clownfish, price and reproduction

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Advice for breeding theclown fish in the aquarium. How much does a specimen cost and everything you need to know about the species Amphiprion ocellaris, the scientific name ofclownfish.

His success exploded with the filmFinding Nemo. Theclownfishit is also known by the name ofAnemonefishfor its characteristic to get intosymbiosiswith an anemone as shown in the photo above.

Clownfish: where it lives

Where does it live in nature? Its natural habitat is the low coastal reefs, the huts, coral walls and rock walls. Theclownfishlives at a depth between 1 and 15 meters. It lives in small communities and populate various anemones. If swimming you hope to find aclownfish, know that you will have to go very far.

This species is native to the Indo-Western Pacific Ocean. It can be found by swimming in the waters of the Nicobar Islands, east of the Moluccas and Palau. The species Amphiprion ocellaris it also lives north of Japan and south of Western Australia.

Clown fish in the aquarium

If you intend to catch a small clownfish, know that you will need to be ready to set up a complete marine aquarium. If your aim is to start a marine aquarium with just a couple of clownfish and a few anemones for symbiosis, you will need to shell out a fortune because you can get all cheaper and easier components. In the article "marine aquarium: how to start" you can find several details.

Reproduction of clown fish

Who already has a well established marine aquarium and has managed to get onepair of clown fish, may attempt to play. Rest assured that reproduction is not easy in the common aquarium.

It can be years before your clownfish doambientreally in your aquarium. For reproduction, the fish must be in excellent health: only if it is really well, any animal species will be led to complete its life cycle with reproduction.

To facilitate the reproduction of clown fish, it is important to keep the water clean. Live rocks should not be missing in the aquarium where the female can lay her eggs.

The eggs are cared for and supervised by the male who will spend all his time cleaning and protecting them. By the time the eggs start to develop you will already be able to see the little eyes! Already, in development, the eyeballs of the larva are immediately noticeable through the shell. The eggs, in optimal conditions, hatch about 10 days after laying.

If breeding is difficult, it will be even harder to hatch! When the fry hatch and start swimming, they will only be able to feed on live food.

Your supplier will need to give you rotifers and artemias.

Real clown fish

We are all used to identifying the species by nowAmphiprion ocellariswith the clown fish. In reality, the speciesAMphiprion ocellarisit is known as "False Clownfish" or "Western Clownfish". So will there also be a real clownfish? Quite right! It's about the speciesAmphiprion percula. It sees a different geographical distribution and is aesthetically recognizable by the presence of a very extensive black spot on the back. Since on the market there are many fish of the Amphiprion ocellaris species selected to take on particular colors, the experts to distinguish the two species do not see the discriminating color but note technical details.

Of the Amphiprion percula species we note the dorrsal fin with 9 to 10 dorsal spines (while in the Amphiprion ocellaris species the dorsal spines range from 10 to 11) and the soft rays from 14 to 17, the anal fin sees two hard rays and soft rays 11 to 13.

Clownfish: price

The price of a small clown fish is 10 - 15 euros. For the large size the price can fluctuate between 40 and 70 euros. However, there are manymutationsobtained from the breeders ofocellaris.

These mutations have given way to increasingly particular selections, such as the case ofwhite clown fish, the black clown fish (total black) and clown fish with very particular liveries.

For direct knowledge, I can say thatDavide Burzowas the first Ocellaris breeder to obtain the"Ghost" mutationin which the body of the clownfish is translucent, almost transparent.

The price is higher the rarer the mutation is, up to over several hundred euros.

Freshwater clownfish

There is no sweet water clownfish.For a chromatic similarity, the bottom fish of the Botia macracantha species has been renamed “freshwater clownfish”.

Video: Hatching some Clownfish Eggs 4K (June 2022).


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