Safe and eco-friendly non-stick pots and pans

Safe and eco-friendly non-stick pots and pans

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Non-stick pots and pans are two of the household utensils that we use most of all for cooking. Over the years, thanks to the discovery of new materials, they have constantly evolved, improving the anti-adhesion and wear resistance characteristics.

However, it remains essential to choose quality products also because, given the intensive use, it is certainly money well spent that you can "amortize" in a short time.

Why it is important to cook with quality cookware

Non-stick pots and pans they must be chosen carefully because they must be designed to withstand high temperatures, so as to ensure that the foods being cooked are not contaminated with particles potentially harmful to health.

Some materials once used such as PFOA are now prohibited for the potential health risks that intense and incorrect use could occur.

The handles also take on great importance, which must be designed to ensure ease and stability in the grip, avoiding the risk of burns.

In addition to the material from which pots and pans are made, at the time of purchase, it is advisable to evaluate the thickness which is often less than 3 mm but which should instead be between 3 and 5 mm.

The ECOSHIELD innovation for safe non-stick pots and pans

Among the quality products that we advise you to evaluate for your possible purchases I point out PRIMECOOK (official website that thanks to technology ECOSHIELD has developed very high quality non-stick pots and pans that offer maximum safety guarantees.

PRIMECOOK is a very recent project, born at the beginning of 2018 from the idea of ​​two young brothers, Angelo and Roberto, with the aim of finding a valid and safe solution to Teflon non-stick coatings and to all those harmful to health, especially those of import.

The first phase of this project was to find a non-stick, scratch-resistant base material that was as long-lasting as possible, and which, above all, did not release any substance, during use, that was dangerous to human health.

After many tests, the young entrepreneurs managed to get the desired features with ECOSHIELD: a water-based coating with the addition of mineral particles, free from fluoropolymers, PTFE, PFOA and Nickel applicable on aluminum obtained through a nanotechnology process.

Its extra-glossy and extra-smooth surface is a pleasure to touch, while also ensuring excellent hardness, scratch resistance and great reliability, even at high temperatures.

All materials used and all stages of production are entirely made in Italy.

Out of respect for the environment and the desire to obtain a product of maximum efficiency, Angelo and Roberto decided to create the line Smeralda using a food-grade aluminum alloy molded mainly for two reasons: first of all, aluminum obtained from cold molding is more sustainable, more ecological and safer since, unlike die casting, it does not require the use of any fluidifying substance such as silicon, zinc, copper and tin; the second reason is that molded aluminum has a high thermal conductivity and thanks to the high thickness it allows a uniform distribution of heat both on the bottom and on the walls.

PRIMECOOK products therefore have a thickness of about 5 mm ensuring greater quality, resistance and uniform heat diffusion.

They are also suitable for all types of hobs: gas, induction, electric plate, ceramic hob and oven. Their high thermal resistance makes them perfect for cooking even at high temperatures.

Theergonomic handle riveted in stainless steel with athermic and immovable food-grade silicone, it guarantees a secure grip, stability over time and is specifically designed to avoid scalding and avoid the risk of injury.

The bottom is composed of a steel disc with holes and cuts, which make the pan perfect for any heat source (gas, glass ceramic, electric oven, halogen hob, induction hob) and which give greater stability during the heating phase.

How to wash a non-stick pan

Among the important recommendations to ensure the maximum duration of a non-stick pan, I point out the need for manual washing which can be done in a few minutes with a normal sponge and a degreasing product.

Washing in the dishwasher, on the other hand, is not recommended as with the use of aggressive detergents, you risk losing the pan's anti-adhesion properties within a few months.

Avoiding using the dishwasher for washing is also a good ecological habit as it allows you to place many other less bulky kitchen utensils such as glasses, cups and saucers in place of a large pot.

How to avoid overheating a non-stick pan

The use of oil is always useful to keep the pot at its maximum efficiency as oil or butter will lower the temperature of the non-stick coating.

Thanks to its composition, the ECOSHIELD coating still allows the use of a reduced quantity of oil compared to traditional non-stick pans, allowing a considerable saving.

A pot with a dedication: great idea for Valentine's Day!

Another nice idea that Angelo and Roberto came up with is the possibility of customize the pots indelibly affecting a word or a brief thought on the product.

It could be an excellent and original gift idea for Valentine's Day!

For more information, prices and any online order you can visit the official PRIMECOOK website.

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