“Zero waste” wellness products with Econveni

“Zero waste” wellness products with Econveni

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Among the new initiatives for fight waste and to allow at the same time savings to consumers I am pleased to point out the e-commerce, a project conceived and implemented by the partners of Aldigiù srl, a dynamic start-up based in Udine and operational offices in Padua.

It is a project dedicated to avoid wasting products in the "Wellness" category, such as supplements, cosmetics and personal care products that risk being thrown away.

The reasons for the waste that is generated every day and that you want to avoid with this beautiful project are many:

  • Expiry less than 6 months
  • Packages with printing or packaging defects
  • Products that operators have decided to dispose of for commercial reasons.

These products can now be purchased directly on the website with a minimum discount of 50% (!)

All the products marketed are obviously intact, kept in accordance with the law and do not present any risk to health, ensuring complete protection for the consumer.

How did Econveni's “Zero Waste” project come about

To find out more about this green project and to understand how the idea was born, we met Alberto Monico, member of the Order of Pharmacists of Padua since 1983 d Technical Director of the company, Giuliano Filippi, Marketing Consultant specialized in the cosmetics and of pharmaceuticals, and Diego Zancarini, with 30 years of commercial experience in the Pharmaceutical sector.

"Having known the pharmaceutical distribution market and its dynamics for years, we know well how the negative phenomenon of product waste and, therefore, its waste is present in every junction of the supply chain. - Giuliano Filippi explains - Everything starts from the excessive production by those at the top of the supply chain, but it is the whole channel that then shares it, squeezed as it is between the approaching expiration date of the product and the difficulty in making it arrive in time useful to the consumer. Then there is the aspect of the perfect integrity of the packaging. Finally, in many cases, the balance of power between producer brands and pharmacies weighs heavily: producers are not always willing to withdraw packages approaching the indicated deadline from the distribution and sales channel ".

"It is in light of this scenario and the growth of e-commerce, as an alternative channel for the sale of consumer goods, that we have decided to set up a start-up that aims to transform a problem into an opportunity - adds Diego Zancarini - There is no reason to throw a product away before its expiration date or just because it comes with a damaged packaging. It is a question of reducing waste and, therefore, ethical and environmental, as well as economic. And this is true both for drugs and for supplements, medical aids and cosmetics ”.

The whole Aldigiù srl team: from left, Alberto Monico, Federico Zancarini, Diego Zancarini and Giuliano Filippi

Guarantees of integrity and product quality and discounts for consumers

The biggest challenges for projects like this come from "cultural resistance" as Alberto Monico tells us: All the products present and marketed through the website they come from official sources, are stored and preserved according to current regulations, are perfectly intact from the point of view of chemical-physical properties and are guaranteed until their natural expiry, if properly stored also by the end user. Every product we market is checked by the Econven team to guarantee the consumer compliance with standards. In the case of damaged packaging, the integrity of the product inside is checked and then a quality seal is applied. After all, the experience that we can boast in the specific field of pharmaceutical distribution is a reason for an additional guarantee ".

"The products we handle come from recognized and qualified companies and brands - Giuliano Filippi explains again - As for the Discount, we wanted to focus on total transparency towards the final consumer. In particular, next to a series of products with a fixed discount of 20% on the price list, we apply one minimum discount of 50% on "Zero waste" products, with close expiry, or end of stock or with damaged packaging. By purchasing these products, therefore, you save, helping nature ”.

The support of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and rapid growth

The validity of the project was recognized by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia which supported the project under the POR FESR 2014-2020.

The numbers of unique users have grown rapidly and today amount to over 18,500 / month, with a more significant part of orders coming from Lombardy and Triveneto.

The goal is to reach a turnover of approximately 1.5 million euros by the end of 2019.

If you want to view the products on offer, just visit the website and click on the “ZERO_SPRECO” category at the top left.

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